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Everyone associates a strong back with a strong core, but HOW do we access our "core" particularly with long spinal fusions or back issues in general ?

In this 5 module workshop students will learn:

1. What is the core ? A basic anatomy overview of the muscles that make up the torso from the pelvic floor to the diaphragm, front, back and side body. Learn what muscles are accessed with various styles of core exercises.

2. Adapting traditional core exercises : Sit ups and crunches are difficult to access with thoracic level fusions. In this practice class, students will learn how to isolate the primary core muscles accessed in traditional fitness and pilates style classes, and adaptations for long spinal fusions.

3. Accessing the transverse abdominis: Access this mysterious deep core muscle that (rumor has it) is the most important in low back health!

4. Creating the corsette: In this practice class students will learn how to engage the core musculature of the body 3 dimensionally, creating a corsette of support around the spine.

5. Back body strong : A practice class to strengthen the back body muscles, otherwise referred to as the "posterior chain."



Workshop is downloadable.