For purchase, 10 online yoga videos (downloadable) specifically for back and spine care as well as for individuals post spine fusion. 

Classes are as follows:

1.  20 minute Spine Safe Stretching

2.  50 minute Restorative Yoga for Healing

3.  Yoga with Chair Support

4.  30 minute Wall Work Practice

5.  13 minute Core Integration

6.  20 minute Standing Pose Practice

7.  Modified Sun Salutations

8.  Open The Heart- Upper Body Mobility

9.  50 minute all levels yoga

10. Tutorial for Vinyasa style public class modifications

Option 1:  Purchase all 10 videos for $100.00 ON SALE FOR $50

Option 2:  Choose 5 videos for $75.00 ON SALE FOR $35

Option 3:  Try out 1 video for $15.00 ON SALE FOR $7.00

ON SALE !!!!

Once purchase is made, you will receive an email link to the videos.  The videos will be available for you to download.

*An Email link to your videos will arrive within 24 hours of your purchase. *