Yoga and Movement Classes for Spinal Fusion

It's launched !


Forever Fused courses and classes for back care and spinal fusion. 
Where else can you get information about accessible yoga and fitness programs with long spinal fusions? It's hard to find! 

Click HERE to access the Forever Fused Courses

My goal is to help support the instrumented spinal fused individual learn about their bodies, and live well after spinal fusion. 

As you know, being in this body is different. We don't move the same, and we should still have access to quality yoga and fitness classes. I found very few yoga teachers or fitness professionals who truly understand spinal fusion particularly long scoliosis fusions. I want YOU to be your own best advocate, and have a thorough understanding of your unique spine.

The call was to create a broader outreach and provide digital resources to best serve fused spines. I am a teacher at heart, and don't just want to guide you, or tell you what to do... I want to TEACH you. I want to empower you.

Years ago I began creating video libraries of adapted yoga and movement programs. 

I'm excited to expand my offerings in 2018 with the Forever Fused "school" launched on a teachable platform. 

So here is what is available NOW in the Forever Fused school:

1. A 5 module workshop style course in yoga modifications. I break down 15 of the most difficult to access yoga postures offered in typical flow style yoga classes, and provide various options to modifiy those poses for a safe and accessible practice. This workshop is best for active fused students who have begun attending public yoga classes.

2. An affordable single purchase practice classes, adapted yoga, for all level spine fusions. No backbends, twists, or deep forward bends. Appropriate for all level fusions. This class does move and build strength, while maintaining safe positioning for the fused spine. 

3. A JUST RELEASED 5 module core training workshop for the fused spine. Learn what the core actually is, how to access different core muscle groups, how to adapt traditional core exercises for a fused spine, and more! 

Coming Soon
1. Anatomy of the Fused Spine
2. Yoga For Fused Scoliosis
3. Practice Classes All Levels
4. Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers
5. Back Care and Body Mechanics
5. and more ... 

Also ... we podcast ! 
 I look forward to the ever-evolving Forever Fused journey!