Let's Get Regulated!

Last month's blog post received so much positive and INTERESTED attention, that I decided to follow up with July being the month where we do a deep dive into our nervous system and put some solid practices in place. If you missed that post make sure to read HERE to catch up so you will understand the why to the what. 

So the month of June was challenging for me. I haven't spoken much to this health issue publicly, as most of my work focuses on my back care and scoliosis spine fusion journey, but for 10 years I've had recurring and severe vertigo that comes on without much warning, and leaves me basically bed bound for day. Eventually, the vertigo subsides, my brain recalibrates, and I slowly climb back out of the dark destabilizing pit that has been called vestibular migraine and benign positional vertigo. I'm no stranger to it, and have been managing this condition for a while now. What I do know, is that it is triggered by multiple factors, much like traditional migraines, and when the perfect storm is in place, my world literally spins around me and I  spend a few days feeling like I'm on a boat with 10 foot waves - except that I can't get off the boat! My nervous system goes into fight/flight/freeze, or sympathetic overdrive, and my anxiety goes through the roof. It's pretty dang awful. 

I noticed this time as my nervous system was re-setting, my physical body felt pretty rough as well. I've had full body achiness, a nagging low back pain, and a general sense of stiffness, or unease in my body. Because I've done so much study I could see that the dysregulation really triggered additional somatic symptoms. I could say that I wasn't really feeling at home in my body. My mood fluctuated between low and anxious, and I felt spacey and disconnected.

Time to reconnect, regulate, and come home again. Will you join me ? 

For the month of July, I'm going to be sharing my self-regulation strategies. Things I do, products I use, and practices I put in place to balance my nervous system. I would love to have community around this!

I'll be posting on instagram and facebook on the regular if you would like to keep up with strategies on either or both accounts. 

To kick us off, I  have an all levels beginner friendly Restorative Yoga class available HERE as July's online class. You can stream or download the class. Restorative yoga is a supportive, quiet, and calming practice to restore body/mind balance and calm a frazzled nervous system.

I look forward to soothing the heat of the summer with you, and reconnecting to the quiet space of comfort that resides within.  

To access that Restorative Yoga class click here > https://foreverfused.teachable.com/p/connect-and-restore