Body Mechanics : From Forms to Function

The other day one of my private yoga therapy clients said to me, "I want to learn more about body mechanics" followed by "well maybe everything we've been doing IS body mechanics! " 

YES ... in its essence yoga teaches us about alignment and mechanics of movement, but first lets see what the actual definition of body mechanics really is.  Body Mechanics - exercises designed to improve posture, coordination, and stamina. 

Sometimes, we get lost in the flow of the practice, or the technicalities of the posture and we forget that the reason we are REALLY doing all of this is to improve our body mechanics for FUNCTION. Yes function.

Function meaning, the way we carry ourselves, the way we sit, how we bend over and pick things up, how we unload the dishwasher, how we vacuum the house, how we make up the beds, how we drive ...  and the list goes on. 

That's the hard part. Making your forms functional. 

So how do we practice in a way that carries over into our daily activities? We have to take these static yoga postures and morph them into dynamic postures that pulse, move, and engage. 

Well, you're in luck !!! 

Next up in the Forever Fused library ... Forms to Function practice class. 

In this class we will take 5 dynamic yoga postures and morph them into functional shapes that you can integrate in to your daily life for sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and more.  You will learn the body mechanics for the actual shape and form, and then we will practice those forms in real life activities. As you put this into practice, you will re-wire your nervous system to move your body with mindful body mechanics and healthy structural alignment. 

This is a class for everyone, beginners welcome. 

Click HERE>>>> for a video preview of my Forms to Function class.