Injury Proof Your Back and Body

This month in my own practice as well as my teachings, I have been working on taking my movement therapies and translating them to real world functional activities.

After 10 years of working with people in back pain, time and time again they tell me "I hurt my back lifting my child," "I  threw out my back bending over and picking up a piece of paper," "I    sat wrong," ... etc etc.

People report injuring their backs in everyday, normal functional activities.

I've been breaking down common functional activities and using my movement practices to TRAIN my body towards better tolerance to daily activities. This has required adding load or resistance to my body, while using back safe posturing to build tolerance to things like : (click below)

1. Lifting objects  

2. Unloading laundry

3. Lifting items in front of the body

Join me on my From Forms to Function online class and learn 5 essential dynamic postures that translate to real world activities for improving body mechanics and preventing back pain/injury.

We will be continuing this training through the month of May, so join me online at as I  post free daily content there!