Healthy Hips

Hips are one of the first areas in the body to show early signs of degenerative changes and bone loss. A ball and socket joint with a large range of motion, our hips can take a beating! People commonly come to yoga classes searching for hip "openers" and other stretches to find relief in this joint, but what is generally missing in traditional yoga classes in hip stability training. Stretching is good, but we also need stability, strength, and active motor control in functional range of motion. 

My newest video released in our online class library is Healthy Hips, a 30 minute blend of yoga, pilates, and functional strength adapted to meet the needs of the spinal fusion population. 

In this 30 minute home practice, Julie Wilkins leads participants through a hip focused movement series exploring strength, stability, range of motion, and functional mobility of the hip joint. No equipment is required.

All levels and spine fusion friendly.

Please make sure your doctor has cleared you for exercise and activity before beginning this or any other home based movement program.

As a reminder, all classes are filmed by Julie in her home practice space in order to provide a format that is affordable and feels user/home friendly.

To access the latest video for download or to stream visit >>>> Healthy Hips !